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Griffin Communications is a public relations firm located in the Washington, D.C., area that specializes in promoting politically conservative and Christian causes. We will be observing our 21st anniversary this year. See our client list and services for more information.

Griffin Communications is also the publisher of Joe Sobran’s new book Hustler: The Clinton Legacy.

Griffin Internet Syndicate, a division of Griffin Communications, features columnists and illustrators with a conservative and Christian point of view. Users with browsers that do not support frames should open the Table of Contents page and keep it open for easier use.

The columns on this site are syndicated to newspapers and other publications. Rates are based on circulation of the publication. A two-week embargo on the electronic version protects exclusive print-publication rights in specific markets. Write Fran Griffin for terms and rates.

The electronic version of columns is sent to subscribers by e-mail within 24 hours after they are written. They are embargoed for two weeks before they are put up in the writers’ archive sections. See the subscription page for rates and special offers.

Meet our writers:

  • Thomas Droleskey — political scientist who writes on moral issues affecting society
  • Joseph Sobran — polished ex-National Review editor and author of Hustler: The Clinton Legacy, who brings unique twists to politics, the Constitution, and American culture
  • Nicholas Strakon — libertarian analyst of the ruling class and our collapsing culture, and editor of The Last Ditch.

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